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The words "we," "us," "our" and "ours" as used below refer to us, FinancePoint. You understand and agree that you are applying for credit by providing the information to complete and submit this credit application. We may keep this application and any other application submitted to us and information about you whether or not the application is approved. You certify that the information on the application and in any other application submitted to us, is true and complete.You understand that false statements may subject you to criminal penalties. The words "you," "your" and "yours" mean each person submitting this application.

This application will be reviewed us. You agree that we may obtain a consumer credit report periodically from one or more consumer reporting agencies (credit bureaus) in connection with the proposed transaction and any update, renewal, refinancing, modification or extension of that transaction. You also agree that we or any affiliate of ours may obtain one or more consumer credit reports on you at any time during the term of your financing. If you ask, you will be told whether a credit report was requested,and if so, the name and address of any credit bureau from which we or our affiliate obtained your credit report.

You agree that we may verify your employment, pay, assets and debts, and that anyone receiving a copy of this is authorized to provide us with such information. You further authorize us to gather whatever credit and employment history each considers necessary and appropriate in evaluating this application and any other applications submitted in connection with the proposed transaction. You understand that we will rely on the information in this credit application in making our decision. We may monitor and record telephone calls regarding your account for quality assurance, compliance,training, or similar purposes.

You consent to receive autodialed, pre-recorded and artificial voice telemarketing and sales calls and text messages from or on behalf of us at the following numbers(s) including any cell phone numbers. You understand that this consent is not a condition of purchase or credit. 

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