layer14Accidents and illness causing you to miss work can ruin your credit score or result in repossessions. If you become involuntarily unemployed, sick or injured, or in the event of your death, American National offers you and your family insurance protection for tough times.

With American National’s Involuntary Unemployment Insurance, your loan payments are made for you while you are out of work due to layoff, general strike, termination without cause or lockout. These loans do not have to be repaid and come in addition to state unemployment. There are no age restrictions, cost is not rated by occupation and monthly payments up to $1,000 are covered for as long as 12 months (may vary by state).

For those who become sick or are injured, American National’s Credit Disability Insurance means your loan payment(s) are covered while you’re unable to work. You don’t have to be hospitalized to collect and payments made on your behalf don’t have to be repaid.

And, American National offers credit life insurance to protect your family’s credit rating and standard of living in the event of your death.

For more information about the costs and coverage offered by American National Insurance Company, please visit or call FinancePoint at (405) 677.6468.

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